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Building Erection

Corra Construction and Development is seasoned with the essential equipment, personal experiences, and unmatched safety program to erect the steel structure you require. Our specialty lies in the erection of pre engineered steel buildings.

Steps taken for Steel building Erection Services


The Frame

The first part of the framing process begins with the I-Beam columns and the rafters. As these buildings are “pre-engineered,” all of the pieces will be pre-cut, punched, and welded for you. These beams are going to be the heaviest and most essential pieces to the construction of your metal building.


Girts, Purlins, and Framed Openings

Once you get the main frameworks up, you can then start to add the girts, purlins, and framed openings that give more support to the walls and roof.


Roof and Walls

By this point, most of the framing should be completed. From here you can start to focus on the insulation, walls, and roof sheeting. Simply screw the sheeting into the frame using the fasteners. After the walls are done, you can focus on the roof panels, where you can also remember to include the weather stripping.



The last step in erecting your metal building is adding all of the bells and whistles. This would include any of the trim, accessories and other metal building design options that you purchased. The trim will not only allow your building to look finished, but it will also help to keep the building free of leaks. Lastly, you will add any doors, windows, and vents so that your building is complete.

After the building erection is complete, paint is an essential component to the finished product and the aesthetic appeal of your building. We offer a wide variety of paint options for your building. We use TRINAR 70% PVDF Fluoropolymer; it offers the following benefits:

Benefits of TRINAR

Excellent UV resistance

Excellent Heat resistance

Excellent Chemical resistance

Unparalleled gloss & colour retention

Highest quality ceramic & inorganic pigments for the finest metal finish available

Resists staining
due to airborne pollutants

Resists chalking, fading, chipping, & cracking

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