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Foundation Design

When providing our clients with foundation design services, we work with sanctioned engineers to provide you with detailed foundation drawings that are individually suited to your project. Ultimately, taking into consideration the relationship between your land and your desired project, resulting in the most optimal foundation design for your project.

Foundation is one of the most essential aspects to any structure. It is the main driver and determinant of structural integrity, thus, making it a vital step in any construction/building project. We prioritize the collaboration with reliable and professional engineers, ensuring perfection for every foundation design we undertake. When working together with sanctioned structural engineers, we make sure to conduct extensive research and study of the ground below your foundation, as well as the design and materials used on the foundation itself.

We make sure all of the essential aspects of your foundation design are taken into account including:

Soil Bearing Capacity

This determines how much load (weight or force) the existing soil can withstand.

Soil Type

Different types of soil have different properties that can affect their suitability fir supporting a foundation.

Frost Depth

The depth to which the soil freezes in the coldest time of the year, known as the frost depth or frost line, often is used to determine the minimum depth for many types of foundations.


Groundwater Table

A high groundwater table can limit the foundation depth as well as the type of foundation that can be used.

Minimum Depth

Disregarding other factors, the minimum depth of a foundation is typically no less than 18 inches to allow for the removal of topsoil and variations in ground level.

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